Jen has has been specializing in mens hair for some time now.  As a Palm Beach County native Jen  had tried many places locally to perfect and grow her craft until she found her home with us.  Jen is a consistent and valued barber/stylist to her continuously expanding clientele base, as well as to our establishment.

Jens humor, warm personality, and caring mentality is a welcomed addition.  Beyond her stellar work ethics, she brings an arsenal of barbering skills to the table.  These skill sets enable Jen to service and achieve all the styles from clients that come through our doors.  

​Jens advancing mentality keeps her living life to the fullest when she's not at work.  We know you will enjoy meeting, and being serviced by her.  To book click the link or call 561-594-9980

Melvin, called Ariel by his clients has been doing mens hair for a few years professionally.  Ariel has always had a passion for mens hair cutting.  His younger years were spent practicing on family and friends out of enjoyment..  Ariel had always hoped that some day barbering could some day give him a career he was passionate about.  Ariel shares the same vision and passion that is embodied by Hair Trends, so he decided to join the establishment as a valuable asset since its opening.

Ariel, a father of two,  enjoys spending his free time out with them.  He also enjoys the pool, beach, fitness, basketball, movies, and video games.

Ariel hopes to attend some of the industries leading hair shows to continue his advancement in education for mens hair, and meet new and aspiring industry professionals.  Ariel is fully capable of achieving your desired look and has a great welcoming personality like the rest of the team.  For an appointment you can call 561.594.9980


​Jessica is a licensed master barber and stylist who enjoys all aspects of hair.  Jessica is originally from Kansas and found her home her in Palm beach.  Jessica was a full-time stylist and barber on Palm Beach island, and decided to bring her fresh passion and vastly growing skill set with her to our establishment here in West Palm Beach.  Jessica is versed in all areas of hair including coloring, cutting, and styling for both men and women.  Jessica has decided to gear her future career in the ever advancing  hair industry by  joining our mission here at Hair Trends.  


Jessica takes pride in her craft, and the ability it has given her to provide for herself, by improving the appearance of those in her local community. Jessica enjoys just about anything that goes hand in hand with a good life and good people.

We are glad Jessica has decided to join our team, and help us in our goal of elevating the standard in mens hair locally.  We are sure you will be glad that Jessica joined us as well when you visit us.  To book with Jessica just click the link, or call 561-594-9980




Jonathan has been a barber-stylist  for over 10 years to date.  His entire career Jonathan has enjoyed servicing the men of Palm Beach County.  Several years ago Jonathan was given the opportunity to travel the country, working with a highly respected brand, to teach barbering to stylists at some of the leading hair show conventions in America.  He has performed, trained, and learned from many industry leaders from Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, New York City, and  Las Vegas.  These experiences have brought Jonathan out of the ordinary train of thought in traditional hair cutting,and have made him a master at achieving an array of different styles using different techniques.  Jonathan considers himself a master of the clipper and the shear (scissor) in the art of mens hair.

Jonathan likes reading, doing jiu jitsu, spending time with family,and the outdoors.​ He believes in continued growth, and he is always looking to improve his craft.  Jonathan wants to continue to improve the standard,quality, and outlook of this age old profession in his area locally. In November of 2013, Hair Trends was created for this purpose. ¨What ever your style, texture, or type of hair we can handle it.  We are courteous, clean, professional, artistic, and take pride in the services we offer and what benefit they bring to our clients.¨  If you would like to book with Jonathan please call 561.594.9980